We are here to serve YOU!

  1. Rick Lewis Dot Com Inc. We Provide Custom Business Solutions you can't buy out of a Box
    Programming Expertise for all your Business Software Needs
  2. Accounting Support
    We can enhance any Accounting System
    We can drill/mine into your data to give you custom reporting and functionality you don't get with your Current System
    25+ years Experience in Business Solution for any industry
  3. Customer/Custom Reporting  
    The heart of every company is their ability to get reports with the information they need fast and accurate
    RLDCI we can create any report from any data source, in any format.
  4. Outsource your Programming Needs
    Hire Years of Experience and Programming Proficency, without the Cost of Health Insurance, Vacation pay, Sick Pay, etc.
    At RLDCI we treat every company as if we owned it, having your best interest first.